Team IMPACT Draft Days

Team IMPACT Draft Days mark the ceremonial beginning of the relationship where the team drafts the child onto their roster, making him/her an official team member. The team plans their individual draft day where their newest teammate will sign their 'National Letter of Intent'. This unique experience can consist of signing ceremonies, press conferences, handing out an official team jersey, a locker in the locker room, and being announced before the start of a game. More than anything, the Draft Day marks that from that point forward, the child is an official member of the team.

Draft day is an exciting day for both the child and their family as well as the team. Many times a variety of individuals attend this event including, but not limited to:

  • TI Child & Family
  • Full team (if possible)
  • Coaching Staff
  • Athletic Director/Staff
  • On-Campus Ambassadors
  • Other student-athletes
  • School Media
  • Local Media
  • School Mascot

This is a wonderful opportunity to recognize these courageous kids and have a celebration all together of the power of team.

The Draft Day Experience

Video by Chapman Athletics and Chapman Broadcast Network. Producer and Editor: Matt Brown

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