Kiernan McGeehan

Relationship Manager, Match-Up Specialist

Name: Kiernan McGeehan
Title: Relationship manager, Match-Up Specialist
College: Xavier University
Major: Public Relations, Media Relations
College Sport: Swimming
Hometown: Carmel, IN
Current Home: Boston, MA
Favorite Athlete: Shaquille O'Neal


Kiernan McGeehan joined Team IMPACT in June of 2016 and serves as a Relationship Manager, Match-Up Specialist. Prior to becoming a Match-Up Specialist, Kiernan served as a Relationship Manager for the Mid-West Region. 

McGeehan graduated from Xavier University in 2015, where he earned his BA in Public Relations, Advertising and Media Relations. He was first introduced to Team IMPACT in college, when his Swimming and Diving team was matched with a child. McGeehan swam distance freestyle at Xavier and was a two-time Big East Champion. Prior to Team IMPACT, McGeehan was an account executive at Groupon, Inc. and the Marketing and Events Coordinator for the Cincinnati Reds. 

When asked the question, "Why Team IMPACT?" Kiernan Said:
I was involved in Team IMPACT during my senior year as a student-athlete at Xavier University, and knew this was an organization I wanted to be part of after graduation. There is something very special about the camaraderie and dynamics of being on a team at the collegiate level, and I believe that kind of support is something everyone should have.  

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